After having becoming a blood doll I had found the strange desire to taste the power to know what it was like to be a vampire, to shed my mortal weak human person and to become more powerful.. I had asked my sister about turning me after some time of considering her little brothers asking she had granted me what I seek and had wished for she had smiled kindly and hugged me, at the time I did not know what was going on but she had whispered into my left ear. "its going to hurt but you will be ok little brother.." she had licked the side of my neck as i had gasped unto the lick of my older sister.. 

It wasn't until then i had realized i was in true danger yet even so i was a blood doll at the time.. On this day i had been preparing my body, and my mind to accept what i was hoping would be the gift of all time as i had whispered to my sister " I am ready " i had said with a shaking voice. It was then i felt her hot breath on my neck as her arms tightened around me and my head pulled to the side as she opened her mouth and bit me.. My mind screamed in pain my body tried to move but i was held so tightly as she drank of my innocent blood as she had once before. 

I remember her bite mostly not the fact i was so excited it hurt a lot as she drank from me Olivia was getting her fill of my blood and i was getting very dizzy. I felt very light headed and the world about me spun like the blades of a helicopter yet she had not freed me from her very strong hold until she was full. I had noticed a shadow around us but i had not clue it was a vampire queen that was there to help her take me. All i remember after my sister bit me was staggering backwards dizzy i didn't even see the spike but i felt the pain as the Queen had finished me off. I fell to the ground i had lose consciousness but only for a moments time. When i awoke i was to drink from Olivia my sister.

(This story won Honorable Mention in the 2.21.13 Bloodlines Contest "Most Memorable Turning ")