I was brought into Bloodlines on March 10, 2010 by a friend ShyWulf. We had known each other in another game; we helped each other DJ since we had clubs, finally he brought me to Second Life one evening to help him. Slowly, other members [from that game] came to Secondlife including my Original Sire. I found the site to be quite stimluating and challenging since during when I began, I had been completing a Thesis.

After my date of being turned in secondlife, I had made a promise to keep my sisters & family together years prior.  This was accomplished through us becoming Vampires & a few hybrids, all which was more animated than the original game we began in. Slowly, as time progressed, it was our choice to take on the name Imminent which reflected where we began - as Imminent Blood Cove.

I have continued with Bloodlines since it is a nice social atmosphere and it has given us all an opportunity to grow.  Given other games, This has exceeded all expectations and allows us to still unite, living in our dark side!

(This story won Honorable Mention in the 1.31.13 Bloodlines Contest "Best Initiation Story" )