One day my brother and I went shopping and I found a Tigger avitar and was wearing it. As I bounced around the land, I bounced right into the King of Clan.

He sighed and asked what I was doing (trying to look strict and upset) because I told him I was going hunting. At the time, I was his best hunter, because i didn't make alts like others in the clan, I hunted real people that wanted to be vamps.

Seeing as our turnings were serious I asked if I could do my next turning in my Tigger avi. He said, "You hunt someone as Tigger and they want to turn... You can turn them in the Tigger avi". Being up for the challenge, off i went.

It took a couple of days but I did it, I found a guy in a wolf avatar that wanted to become lycan. I went through all the proper preparations and sent the notice. As people arrived to the turning area they were a bit confused because standing there proudly were Tigger and the Wolf.

Using the spike to drain him my chat box lit up like a Christmas tree and my King was laughing so hard in RL he couldn't breath. Apparently when Tigger spiked the wolf... it looked like I was humping the wolf. Have to say, it was one of the best turnings ever... especially since my brother showed up as a chicken hawk and the got sucked up in the pillow he was sitting in.

This story won Honorable Mention in the 2.21.13 Bloodlines Contest "Most Memorable Turning ")