Darkness held onto the sky with a death grip, swallowing any light that dared try to penetrate its dominance over the landscape. A soft wind blew, moving what clouds could be glimpsed as a break in the coverage would let the moonlight come through. It was as warm as any summer night could be, save for the aforementioned wind that made it bearable. Alone stood a man, nothing special about him that could be said about what he wore or the manner he stood. Yet there was something that caught the eye of the creature that gazed upon him. Something in the air that made this seemingly normal mans the center of its attention. 

Without warning, the creature closed the distant between them. as the man turned to see before him, his eyes could not believe, horror struck his very soul as he stammered to utter out the words "who are you?" no reply as if in a dream, no a nightmare this man felt helpless as the creature of the night, beheld him in its grasp, pain seared in his neck as two sharp fangs pierced his flesh. Dizziness surrounded him as he felt as if he was being smothered. Feeling as if a great weight as settled upon his chest, he welcomed death. But death was not answering anyone this night. Least not death as we know it. 

With a copper taste upon his lips and a thirst that of a man caught in the deep desert. He knew forever slumber was biting at his heels. Just then he felt a warm liquid touch his lips, wetting his tongue and a voice saying drink. A gulp, then a swallow and unearthly fire filling his lungs. Agony would not describe what he was feeling. When he felt he could endure no more. A calmness came over him and his eyes opened...the vicious awakening was over… A new vampire was born.

(This story won 2nd Place in the 2.21.13 Bloodlines Contest "Most Memorable Turning ")