Bloodlines Liaisons Edit

At Bloodlines there is a group of volunteers, called "Liaisons" who help players and moderate the sims and groups. 

You can contact Liaisons in-world via their green Gems that can be found at all the official Bloodlines sims, usually on a board next to the main vendor (Thirst, Rage, Human, WAR) in the store. 

The Liaisons main duties include, but are not limited to:

- Moderating the official Groups and chat

- Protecting the sims from griefing and trolls

- Assisting players and customers

Current LiaisonsEdit

Acrylickitty Resident

Aimee Novaland

Calliope Larkham

Chelsea Ireto

Cherryshilz Resident

Effing Euler

Fawn Madrigal

Fromz1978 Resident

Jzychowicz Resident

Librancien Upsilon

Love Enchantment

Lord Halostar

Marco Graymark

Morag MacIntyre

Nikibluee Resident

Nikki Moonshadow

Nimh Guisse

Nosbor34 Resident

Rhage Terasaur

Sama DeSantis

Zel Huntsman

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