Bloodlines uses a lieging structure, where a player can pledge allegiance to another player. This allegiance allows souls to be totalled upwards in the clan, and also affects the totals and stats related to Bloodlines Groups.

Clans, Packs, and Guilds (Groups)Edit

Anyone can form a Bloodlines group using their HUD. Just click on the settings button (the round gear button beneath the HUD), and select 'group', then 'set group', then follow the instructions to set your group name. Or, you can use your HUD to pledge allegiance to another group leader, becoming their minion. Groups are designated as vampire clans, lycan packs, human guilds, or hybrid hordes depending on the status of the group leader.

If the leader is a vampire, then it is a clan; if the leader is a lycan, then it is a pack; if the leader is a human, then it is a guild; and if the leader is a hybrid, then it is a horde. Any race can join any group. So, vampire clans can have lycans in them, and vice versa.

Your HUD also gives you the ability to remove or ban minions that have pledged to you. When a minion pledges allegiance to you, their souls add to your soul total, determining your status in the royalty rankings. In this way, a player that has collected many souls has more power to determine who are the highest-ranked. Royalty are elected by their minions, and the more souls you collect, the more votes you get.

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