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2Pac Until The End Of Time

2Pac Until The End Of Time


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Okay, let me think ;)Edit

First I want to introduce myself,Edit

my name is Unique Belmont (unique87),

owner and creator behind  UNIQUE STORE...

    My journey in Second life started on December 23, 2010 with my first avatar. Back then I've found Second life so complicated, my English was very very bad and all the people that I have met were from USA, no body was able to understand what I'm saying laughs..  All was complicated and with small amount of friends and no communication I have done little bit of exploring with my newbie avatar and left Second life for long time, didn't log in back for about 2 years. I left with no clue about what can be done in Second life, there was so many options to do; learn to build, create, make things, I was really limited in my imagination and by my knowledge of English language..

    In meantime I have found out about IMVU so I went to sign up there and soon had a lot of friends who were so willing to help me with my English I have learned a lot there but since I have tried Second life before IMVU, IMVU wasn't really fun to me so I have decided to give Second life another chance, but since I forgot my password and name from my first avatar I have made new one. So this time I wasn't limited by anything, my English was better so people could actually understand me, and my imagination wasn't limited anymore.

==   Now I am proud owner of UNIQUE STORE in which you can find some female shapes with full permissions (copy/modify/transfer), female shapes that are just copy/modify, male shapes copy/modify, script's, top's, bikini's, wall decals and also doing custom logos... My imagination works like crazy I hope soon I will start to create more complicated things like buildings; castle's, house's, decorations and so much more which is my goal.==

         Any question about; UNIQUE STORE, about my items on SL marketplace or about SECOND LIFE in general feel free to talk with me,   add me in SECOND LIFE, on FACEBOOK, on TWITTER and I will     answer as soon as possible.

     Thank you for taking your time to read this and hope to talk with you soon.


                                                                                         WITH LOVE UniQue :)