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The Apple Tree

Please note: Apples are no-transfer until they are rezzed, then they will become transfer.

The Bloodlines Apple Tree is an attractive, fully-mesh affiliate vendor that you can place on your land and sell Bloodlines Apples to your visitors. Apples cost $14L. When others purchase an apple from one of your trees, you will keep $1L from the selling price.


  1. Full mesh tree, only 1 land impact!
  2. Tree is approximately 4 x 4 x 4 meters.
  3. Emits optional firefly particles, just like in the Eternal Orchard at Liquid East. Fireflies can be turned on and off through the menu.
  4. Optional sign that goes out front to let people know they can purchase apples from your tree. Sign can be turned off through the menu.
  5. When someone buys an Apple, some leaves will fall from the tree, and an Apple will come bouncing off the tree. This is just a special effect, though. The actual apple that they receive will be automatically delivered to their inventory.

Each apple purchased will restore 5% humanity to the owner when they eat the apple. This 5% humanity translates into 0.25L of vampire blood, or 2.5 Lumens.


Just rez your tree where you would like it to be, and then you will get a permission request dialog that asks for permission to take Linden Dollars from your account. Please select 'Allow Access' on this dialog. This is what allows us to sell products through an item that you own, and for you to keep a commission. When someone buys an apple from the tree, you will see 14L go into your account, and then the Apple tree will send 13L to us, leaving 1L from that transaction as a commission behind in your account. This will create two records in your transaction history for each purchase. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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