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The Garlic Necklace

The garlic necklace was created by Liquid Designs to ward off vampires.

Some people have complained that they receive too many bite requests from our vampires, and they don't think that it's very fun to be beset by bloodthirsty creatures of the night at every turn.

So, we created this free, transfer / copy item for people that don't want to be a part of vampire roleplay.


  1. Right-click the necklace item in your inventory, and choose "Wear".
  2. Once you see the necklace on your body, a blue menu should appear.
  3. Choose "Activate" from the options - and you're instantly protected!

You don't need to constantly wear the necklace - once you've selected "Activate", you'll be impervious to vampire bite requests.

If at any time, you decide that you might want to check out the Bloodlines game, even to play as a human, you can always wear the necklace again and reactivate yourself by choosing "Reactivate" from the menu options.

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