The Lumen Bond links you to another lycan through Lumens. Each partner must make a sacrifice of 10 Lumens to form the bond, and if you wish to break the bond, it will cost the breaking avatar an additional 10 Lumen sacrifice. In exchange for this sacrifice, each bonded avatar can send their partner an additional charisma point every day, and you can also send your partner Lumens directly from your account at any time.

Please note that both members must own the Rage HUD in order to be lumen bonded.


  • 1 Lumen Bond Ring Box
  • 2 Lumen Bond Rings
  • 1 Set Instructions
  • 1 Bloodlines TOS Notecard
  • 1 Liquid designs Copyright & EULA Notecard
  • 1 LM to Bloodlines Main Store


To use your Lumen Bond, rez it or wear it, and touch it for a menu.

There are 3 menu options:Edit

  1. Open Box
  2. Close Box
  3. Propose: Your partner must be nearby for you to propose to them. They will be sent a request for the bond, and if they agree, the bond will be sealed and you will each be vended a ring. You can use the ring to send each other 1 Charisma point per day, and lumens at any time.
  4. Help: chat help

You can also give your bond commands using chat. The Bond Ring will listen to you on channel 22. The following commands are available: 
/22help: chat command help
/22lumens: send lumens to partner
/22charisma: send charisma to partner

Each Lumen Bond can only be made with a single partner. Once the bond has been dissolved, it cannot be used again.