The Bloodlines Lumen Gem contains 50 Lumens that you can use to refill your lumen prisms. Now you can buy the lumens without the container, to make better use of your existing containers, instead of having to buy new ones.


To use your lumen gem, just follow these steps:

  1. Rez your Gem within 20 meters of the container you'd like to refill.
  2. Touch (left-click) the Gem, this will bring up the menu with a 'Done' button, but don't push it yet.
  3. Touch the container you want to refill, then push the 'Select' button.
  4. Push the 'Done' button. If everything checks out, you'll get another menu with the options 'Transfer' and 'Cancel'.
  5. Hit transfer, and the lumens will be transferred to your container.

FAQ / TroubleshootingEdit

  • Q. I'm getting the error 'The selected container did not register, please try again.'
    A. This happens sometimes if you click through the menus too fast, or if there's lag and the bottle doesn't have time to register your container before you click 'done'. To remedy this, wait a second or two between selecting the container and pushing 'select' or 'done'.
  • Q. Can the bone siphon be used with iron prisms and vice versa? 
    A. Yes. The only difference between the "bone" and the "iron" prism is the style, any siphon and container combination can be used. Just get the one that matches the decor of your lumen cellar. :)
  • Q. Can I siphon between my own containers and someone else's containers?
    A. No. If you want to do this, they will have to hand you the containers first, then you can siphon, and hand it back to them. Both containers must have the same owner as the siphon. This is for security reasons.
  • Q. I used the siphon on two containers, and it said that the lumens transferred, but it looks like one of my prisms didn't update.
    A. Sometimes the records will update in the bloodlines sytem, but the blood meter on the prism won't update. To make sure it's right, pick it up and re-rez it.
  • Q. What if it says that the lumens transferred, but the lumens aren't in my container?
    A. In this case, pick up your container and re-rez it, it should be there.
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