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The Lumen Vial

The Lumen Vial is a transferable vial that holds 2.5 lumens. The Bloodlines system will track whose lumens are in the vial, so you can give your lumens as a gift, or collect and trade the lumens of other lycans. You can wear it around your neck, and floating text will indicate whose lumens it is, and anyone who clicks on the lumens vial will get an instant message telling them whose lumens is contained in the vial. In addition, a list on everyone's profile will show all of the lumen vials you've collected, and who the lumens belong to.

A Lumen Vial filled with precious lumens makes a great gift!


  • 1 Lumen Vial
  • 1 Pose Stand
  • 1 Set Instructions
  • 1 LM to Bloodlines Main Store


To wear your Lumen Vial, right-click it in your inventory and select 'wear'. By default, it will attach to your chest. If you choose a different attach point, you will have to adjust the rotation and position of the vial. You can use the included pose stand to hold yourself still while you do this.

To use your Lumen Vial, left-click it or "touch" it once you've worn it. You will be given a menu with the following options:

  1. Check: tells you if the vial is full or empty, and if full, whose lumens it is.
  2. Text: toggles the floating text over the vial on or off if the vial is full.
  3. Fill: put 2.5 lumens into the vial.
  4. Drink: drink the contents of the vial.
  5. History: tells you the names of the last 25 owners of the vial.

The vial permissions are set to mod / transfer / no copy.

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